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Title: Former boxing prospects Damon & David Feldman turn their experience into national platforms for fighting leagues

United States, 19th Feb 2024, King NewsWire - “MOMMA SAID KNOCK YOU OUT” and that’s just what the Feldman brothers from Philadelphia have spent their lives doing. From brawling to building two of the biggest combat fighting & sports and entertainment platforms in the world, Damon & David Feldman know how to pack a punch & will give people the opportunity to show the world that they do, too!Both Damon & David developed their passion and love for combat fighting at a young age. For the most part they grew up in the boxing gym. Boxing is in the Feldman brothers' DNA.  Their father, former professional boxer (20-3) & world-famous trainer (training a total of 7 world champions) and fight promoter, Marty Feldman honed his sons' passion and skill sets at a young age, training them both at the family-owned Feldman Fitness Center in Springfield, Delaware County.Even with their father's success as trainer and promoter the brothers weren’t looking to get into the business of boxing. The brothers loved to brawl. At the onset of their careers, both brothers were professional boxers & contenders with their sights set on winning championship belts and hearing the cheers and admiration of arenas full of fight fans. Damon Feldman (9-0) retired undefeated after an unfortunate neck injury he suffered outside of the ring in 1994. David Feldman(4-1-0) also retired early.Now a retired fighter fresh off of a career ending injury, a determined Damon Feldman looked to stay in the sport he was raised in & loves. Naturally Damon had to throw his hat in the ring & take a jab at fight promotion. Promoting various combat events including tough-man competitions, boxing matches, & wrestling matches. In 2002 Damon created & founded Celebrity Boxing and sold...

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