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Title: minichart.com.sg introduces an advanced live screener for technical analysis

They have developed a unique AI-powered trading strategy to track the stock market using unique concepts such as volume profiles, trend lines and chart patterns.A crucial and sometimes overlooked aspect of trading is the volume profile, which provides important information about order accumulation, fair price and where the greatest liquidity is. At the time of publication, there is no software on the market that allows users to trade on the breakout of the volume profile, and Minichart is pleased to be the first to offer this valuable feature.The Minichart team is dedicated to providing a simple and effective way to analyse the stock market. Accurate and thorough information is essential when investing in the stock market. Minichart understands how important it is for investors to understand market sentiment quickly and in the simplest way possible and has developed its software with a simple user interface that includes a range of useful features and can be used with any web-enabled device.Minichart is dedicated to helping traders find stocks of interest in the Singapore, US, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia markets and ensures that its offering is affordable and accessible to all types of investors.For more information, please visit www.minichart.com.sg

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