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Title: Big Data Pioneer WeSendit Launches Decentralized File Transfer 3.0 in Cooperation with Huawei Cloud

Zug, Switzerland, 30th Jan 2024 – Swiss data transfer service provider WeSendit is kicking off 2024 with a slew of new features. Just before Christmas, the Zug-based company successfully launched its WeSendit 3.0 platform at https://www.wesendit.com. This new service combines proven file transfer technology with the world of decentralized networks, allowing users to quickly and securely send their data and optionally store and manage it in a decentralized manner. Additional features, such as data management tools, will be added in the near future. The success is already evident as WeSendit gained several hundred new customers within the first few days following the launch."WeSendit is carrying forward traditional Swiss values like security, reliability, and privacy protection into the digital age," explains WeSendit Founder and CEO Jens Herbst. "WeSendit brings together the world's leading solutions in decentralized data storage on our platform, making it easier than ever for users to protect their data." To achieve this, the Swiss company raised over 3 million USD in investor funding last year and formed strategic partnerships with leading global companies, including the American unicorn Storj, responsible for decentralized data management. Furthermore, WeSendit has recently entered into a partnership with Huawei Cloud, solidifying its position as a strong partner for international expansion and revolutionizing the Big Data industry.WeSendit's journey of innovation is far from over," states Jens Herbst, CEO of WeSendit. “In light of our current developments, we would like to highlight two important upcoming steps. Firstly, the Node Concept: By the end of March, we will be allocating our initial resources in the Huawei Cloud to develop this innovative concept. With the...

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