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Title: AKITA DAO Secures millions in funding through 2027

United States, 30th Jan 2024 - Histrory of Akita inu: AKITA INU is an ERC-20 token launched on February 1, 2021, reaching a market capitalization of more than $3.5B in its first year. As a completely community-based cryptocurrency project, AKITA INU was introduced to provide financial literacy and professional growth opportunities in the Web3 ecosystem. As a decentralized meme currency, AKITA INU is currently found on both the Ethereum and Avalanche networks. AKITA trades on more than 12 exchanges in multiple pairings.Within a short period, AKITA INU has gathered over 60K holders who now make up an active community spread around the world. It is worth noting that all of this growth and market expansion was achieved without any external funding sources.Akita DAOThe Akita DAO exists to produce products and useful applications that benefit holders of the AKITA tokens. AKITA token holders were the original group to come together and make AKITA a true community-owned token, pushing it to be more than just a meme. The Akita DAO allows its participants to propose new improvements, and vote in our governance system using the HACHI token to steer the decision-making process.HACHIHACHI is an ERC-20 governance token that allows holders to represent their stake in the Akita Ecosystem as it develops over the coming years. With Gitcoin’s funding stream operational through March 2027, the Akita DAO has a tremendous potential to create a lasting impact on the blockchain financial sector. If you would like to contribute or learn more about the Akita DAO, please join our Discourse and Snapshot communities. The AKITA token Telegram channel is also available for community discussion and networking.HACHI allows holders to represent their voice in the Akita DAO, a distributed-leadership comm...

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