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Title: Chicago Family Acupuncture Rebrands to IMMA - Acupuncture & Wellness

Northbrook, IL – January 16th, 2024 - Chicago Family Acupuncture, a trusted name in integrative healthcare in Northbrook, IL, is excited to announce its rebranding to "IMMA | Acupuncture & Wellness". This significant transformation is marked by the launch of their new website, which embodies the company's evolved vision and expanded range of wellness services.The rebranding to IMMA | Acupuncture & Wellness reflects the company's commitment to holistic health and its dedication to providing personalized, high-quality acupuncture and wellness services. The new name, IMMA, symbolizes the integration of mind, body, and spirit, and represents the company's holistic approach to health and wellness."We are thrilled to embrace this new chapter as IMMA | Acupuncture & Wellness," said Dr. Zahava Berkowicz, founder and clinic owner. "While our name has changed, our core values and dedication to our clients' health and well-being remain steadfast. Our new brand better represents the wide range of services we offer and our holistic approach to health care."The new website offers an enhanced user experience with easy navigation, comprehensive information on services, and a sleek, modern design. It serves as a resource for both new and existing clients to explore the array of services offered, including specialized treatments for fertility, menopause, IVF support, autoimmune conditions, chronic pain, anxiety, and depression.Since its inception, the acupuncture center has been renowned for its evidence-informed practices and staying abreast of the latest research in acupuncture and integrative medicine. The rebranding to IMMA | Acupuncture & Wellness signifies a deepened commitment to these principles, ensuring that clients receive the most advanced and effective t...

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