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Title: Zhang Yi, founder of YS Biopharma, was elected as the member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences

China, 18th Jan 2024, King NewsWire - Recently, Mr. Zhang Yi, the founder of YS Biopharma, was awarded and congratulated by Prof V.Tyminski, the Chairman of the Presidium of the European Academy of Natural Sciences(EANS), for his election of the EANS academician. (Certificate of Mr Zhang Yi’s election of the ENAS academician) Mr. Zhang Yi, with more than 30 years of scientific research experience, has been engaged in global innovative drug development and management for over 20 years, and he has always been committed to the research and development of new biological products. Under his leadership YS Biopharma has developed the world's first PIKA adjuvant technology platform with independent intellectual property rights, which has significant technical advantages in preventive vaccines, therapeutic vaccines and anti-tumor treatment.This may be the start of a new era for the vaccine research in the world: double effect of prevention and treatment. During this period, Mr. Zhang Yi presided over and participated in a number of major new drug projects under the leadership of the Ministry of Science and Technology. And he was the project leader of the national 863 scientific and technological research project "SARS immunoglobulin", the project leader of the national major new drug creation project "human PIKA rabies vaccine (Vero cells)", and the project leader of endogenous in vivo immune cell activation therapy anti-tumor drug Yivyka (Chinese name: 依维卡; Code: YS-ON-001). Mr. Zhang Yi holds more than 20 invention patents such as the therapeutic PIKA Hepatitis B vaccine, the aluminum-free human rabies vaccine, the human rabies immunoglobulin. He was also awarded by numerous provincial and municipal science and technology achievement awards and honorary...

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