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Title: Simplifing Global Payments – Grineo Integrates Fiat and Digital Currencies

Sydney, Australia, 15th Jan 2024, King NewsWire - Grineo, the FinTech start-up that aims to introduce digital currencies to the physical world, announced the launch of its highly-anticipated "debit card & wallet App" exclusively in Australia by early 2024. The app and card allow users to store and trade digital currencies as well as spending them like cash in stores or withdrawing as cash from ATMs, bringing much-needed adoption to the world of digital currencies.The founders of Grineo first came up with the idea during a business meeting in Melbourne back in 2022, where they saw the immense potential of stablecoins as a store of value for investors.They also realized that Australia significantly lagged its peers when it comes to the number of digital start-ups per person, the amount of investment in digital asset companies, and tech-skilled professionals. However, according to their estimations, if Australia manages to adapt blockchain and digital assets despite these issues, it will be able to save A$160 per person per year on international transaction fees and up to 80 hours per a small business on compliance and administrative costs.Grineo officially launches in Q1 2024, becoming the catalyst for this much-needed change in the Australian market.Grineo users can spend digital currencies with no extra exchange fees wherever major cards are accepted, with conversion taking place in real-time at point-of-sale. With thousands of users in the waitlist from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane, Grineo continues to expand its reach across the whole of Australia.“The Australian market size in terms of transaction revenue is considered very niche for a digital currency card provider accounting only for $17M of revenue annually,” said Olesia Kostieieva, Grineo Chief Expa...

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