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Title: Carla Horlock Unveils Carla Horlock: A Vibrant Online Gallery Showcasing Contemporary Oil Paintings

United Kingdom, 14th Jan 2024, King NewsWire - North Wales-based acclaimed artist with a unique and inspiring journey, Carla Horlock, is thrilled to announce her latest collection, a vibrant exploration of love, life, and laughter. The artworks, predominantly crafted with oil sticks, showcase Carla's distinctive style characterized by a rich impasto of oil paint.Carla Horlock's art embodies her love for life, laughter, and diversity. Utilizing a combination of oil sticks and thick impasto oil paint, her paintings feature a diverse range of subjects and styles that ignite the viewer's imagination. From the colorful personalities in the Bubbles series to the upcoming Ragdoll series, Carla's artwork celebrates individuality and creativity.Driven by her journey as an artist and passion for painting, Carla Horlock has devoted her life to artistic expression. Originally trained in painting and decorating, Carla's artistic career flourished as she explored various styles and techniques during her free time. Despite facing challenges like hearing loss and a battle with blood cancer, Carla's determination and love for art have led her to create remarkable works that have earned recognition and admiration.Carla Horlock captivates visitors with vibrant colors, textures, and emotions depicted in her paintings. The website offers a comprehensive gallery where art enthusiasts can view and purchase Carla's artwork, including pieces from the renowned Bubbles series. Each painting is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, immersing viewers in Carla's unique artistic vision.Beyond being a platform for artistic exploration and purchase, Carla Horlock also provides an opportunity to connect directly with Carla. The website features a contact form where visitors can i...

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