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Title: Power Couple Launches Remade: A Breakthrough Sleep Supplement That Unlocks the Power of Restorative Sleep

United States, 12th Jan 2024, King NewsWire - Today marks the launch of Remade, an innovative sleep wellness company founded by Amany Al Saghir, a former AdTech professional who helped establish TikTok's office in Dubai and a recent immigrant to the US. Growing up without parents in her home country of Lebanon, Amany always struggled with sleep and anxiety. After her husband Drew Lessard, a Cornell University and Columbia Business School alumnus and US Navy veteran, became ill and depressed from working Los Angeles hours from Dubai, she decided it was time to solve sleep once and for all. The couple set out on a four-year journey of research and self-experimentation in pursuit of quality sleep and its physical and mental health benefits. They delved into the world of sleep supplements, only to find an outdated and dubious market focused on falling asleep rather than achieving quality sleep.Undeterred, Amany and Drew returned to first principles, leveraging the latest medical studies and consulting Ivy League experts to formulate a powerful supplement regimen. This regimen consistently increased their restorative sleep time, protected against the "sleep-stress cycle," and became a game-changer in their daily lives. "Restorative sleep became a force multiplier in every aspect of our lives - relationships, health, work. It was like life turned to easy-mode," says Amany. Remade stands apart by offering a science-backed solution that prioritizes quality sleep over mere sleep initiation. Unlike traditional sleep supplements, Remade's products do not rely on problematic melatonin, ineffective natural ingredients, or off-label synthetic drugs. The supplement regimen is carefully dosed, uses highly absorbable forms of ingredients, and addresses stress, a crucial factor ofte...

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