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Title: Pifasia, Bifu (Asia), and SHUAA International Capital Holdings are jointly committed to redefining a new order in financial development.

Hong Kong S.A.R., 12th Jan 2024, King NewsWire - By collaborating and sharing resources, they strive to create and provide value-added services. Firstly, Tpifasia's close cooperation with its partners offers customers a more comprehensive service experience. Collaborating with technology companies allows financial institutions to introduce innovative technologies, enhancing the inclusiveness and convenience of financial products and services to meet the growing demands of customers. For example, launching smart investment advisory services in partnership with internet companies or developing digital payment solutions with technology companies can provide customers with more convenient and efficient financial experiences.Tpifasia is a company focused on financial investment, adhering to the business philosophy of "creating value investments and providing value-added services." The company possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the financial investment market, with a business structure centered around project investment, asset management, non-performing asset disposal, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and listing services.Bifu (Asia) is a comprehensive international financial platform established by financial experts from Hong Kong, encompassing equity investment, corporate listing, and market value management. Additionally, SHUAA International Capital Holdings has a professional management team composed of top international financial experts and investment banking elites, dedicated to building bridges to capital for enterprises around the world.The collaboration of these three companies is guided by the values of professionalism, focus, dedication, efficiency, innovation, and mutual benefit. Their cooperation aims to facilitate rapid financing for enterprises...

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