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Title: Forging Tomorrow: Cangzhou Shenlong's Pinnacle in API Line Pipe, ERW Black Steel Pipe, SAWH Pipe, and Spiral Welded Tube Crafted in Carbon Steel Excellence

China, 11th Jan 2024 - Cangzhou Shenlong, established in 1992 and spanning over 60,000 square meters, stands as a prominent player in the steel industry. With a dedicated workforce of over 200 employees, including 30 inspectors, the company boasts an impressive annual output of approximately 150,000 tons of steel pipes and 40,000 tons of pipe fittings. API Line Pipe, ERW Black Steel Pipe, SAWH Pipe, Spiral Welded Tube, and Carbon Steel are pivotal in industries, ensuring reliable fluid transport, structural integrity, and versatile applications. Cangzhou Shenlong excels in crafting these essential components, contributing significantly to industrial advancements.API Line PipeAPI Line Pipe, a cornerstone of Cangzhou Shenlong's production, plays a pivotal role in the transportation of fluids. As a vital conduit for oil and natural gas, these pipes adhere to stringent standards, ensuring reliability and durability in various industrial applications.ERW Black Steel PipeEmploying hot-rolled coils as raw materials, Cangzhou Shenlong's ERW Black Steel Pipe offers precision with a controlled wall thickness of about ±0.2mm. Manufactured according to American API standards or the GB/T9711.1 standard, these pipes find widespread use in natural gas pipeline networks and urban pipeline projects, thanks to their uniformity and adherence to industry standards.SAWH Pipe (Submerged Arc Welded Helical Pipe)Utilizing a double-sided submerged arc welding method, SAWH Pipes by Cangzhou Shenlong are crafted from hot-rolled coiled steel. This welding technique allows for the production of large-diameter steel pipes, making them ideal for diverse applications. The robust manufacturing process ensures strength and reliability, meeting the demands of various industries.Spiral Welded TubeSim...

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