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Title: Revolutionizing Sports Illumination: CAS-CERAMIC Unveils Cutting-Edge LED Technologies for Enhanced Stadium and Golf Resort Lighting

China, 11th Jan 2024 - CAS CERAMIC, established in 2013, has dedicated years to perfecting phosphor ceramic technology and providing customers with high-performance LED lights at competitive prices. As the exclusive mass producer of K-COB, CAS CERAMIC is reshaping standards in LED lighting, particularly in the realm of sports illumination.Ceramic LED Chip AdvancementsCAS CERAMIC's K-COB introduces a unique LED packaging pattern by utilizing self-developed phosphor ceramic, replacing conventional organic materials like epoxy/silicone in white LEDs. The patented "dual-channel heat sinking" structure facilitates heat dissipation from both the ceramic and PCB, ensuring enhanced reliability and a longer lifespan. With five international invention patents and LM80 certification for high-power COB, CAS CERAMIC stands as the sole supplier with such credentials. COB Sports Lamp DevelopmentThe implementation of Chip-on-Board (COB) technology by CAS CERAMIC in COB sports lamps                           contributes to enhanced lighting performance and versatility. This innovative approach optimizes the capabilities of LED lighting for sporting environments.Golf Resort LightsCAS CERAMIC's golf resort lights are characterized by their compact structure and lightweight, weighing only 14kg (excluding bracket and driver). The design features a φ75mm single K-COB light source with a professional asymmetrical visor to prevent glare, ensuring no visual discomfort for players. Achieving up to 130lm/w lamp efficiency, these lights offer high cost-effectiveness and reliability, utilizing phosphor ceramic light sources with heat pipes and top-grade drivers.600W LED Stadium LightsThe overview of ...

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