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Title: CANVAS Transformed: Tirso Lighting's Innovation and Design Excellence Shine in Multi-Use Space Revamp

  The team at Tirso Lighting, led by the exceptional TirsoPelaez, has again delivered another masterpiece with the recent revamp of CANVAS. CANVAS, a premier multi-use space located at 202 S Dean St. in Englewood NJ, underwent a significant transformation under the guidance of Tirso Lighting. The contribution of Tirso Lighting was highlighted by Marlene Taveras and Betsy Jimenez, the owners of CANVAS, sharing insights into the collaboration and the remarkable impact it had on their venue.Marlene sought Tirso Lighting for their renowned work in NYC's nightlife scene. Describing the renovation, Marlene praised the utilization of 3D scanning during the project, stating that it was a game-changer, allowing them to visualize the space digitally and understand its potential.Marlene Taveras was full of praise for Tirso Lighting as she described the final outcome, stating the project's excellence gave CANVAS an ambiance they didn't anticipate. The lighting attracted attention and garnered numerous compliments, making a significant impact. She also disclosed that customers appreciate the lighting advantage that allows them to customize for various events, elevating the customer base and attracting a more design-oriented clientele and individuals with extraordinary design visions that they can now bring to life.  Tirso Lighting's technical expertise was evident in the implementation of cutting-edge lighting systems. The track lighting system, consisting of WAC H-tracks and Summit Series 15-watt track heads, provided versatile illumination options, allowing pinpoint spotlights tailored to different event needs. Additionally, the Chauvet DJ Lighting Fixtures, strategically placed along the perimeter, facilitated a dynamic ambiance with adjustable hues, cate...

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