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Title: New breakthrough! SANY’s 260-ton super large excavator chassis parts successfully off the production line

Jakarta, Indonesia, 5th Jan 2024 - On December 26th, in SANY Transmission STE Company’s four wheel and one track production workshop, the SWZ350A track roller, SWT350A carrier roller and ST350GA track suitable for SY2600 super excavator were successfully off the production line, marking SANY’s independent R&D and manufacturing of super large-tonnage excavator chassis parts once again reached a new height.SWZ350A track roller and SWT350A carrier roller were successfully off the production line.ST350GA tracks successfully off the production lineZhou Zhi, General Manager of STE, Ouyang Shaolong and Zhao Ming, Deputy General Managers of STE, Feng Xiaopeng, President of Four Wheels & One Track R&D Department, Huang Junfeng, Director of Track Research Department, Huang Zhuozhi, Director of Four Wheels Research Department, Yang Shenggui, Director of General Management Department and project core staff attended to witness this important moment. At the site of offline ceremony, Zhou Zhi, General Manager, expressed his heartfelt gratitude and blessings to the project team of the four wheels & one track 350A, and encouraged all the colleagues to keep up the good work and keep exploring new breakthroughs and growth.The 350-pitch supporting wheels, carrier chain wheels and crawler products are designed and developed independently, which are suitable for 260-300 tons of super-large excavation, breaking the technological monopoly and realizing import substitution.The wheel body and axle are made of high strength alloy steel with high hardenability, and through the proprietary heat treatment process, they can maximally meet the demand of high strength and high wear-resistance; the seals, bushings and other key components are made of famous brands in the industry, w...

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