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Title: Evercraft Ecotechnologies Revolutionizes Sustainability with ICO Launch

 Dublin, Ireland, 1st Jan 2024, King NewsWire - Evercraft Ecotechnologies, a pioneer in decarbonization and environmental technologies, has announced the launch of its ICO to promote sustainable innovations.The platform is dedicated to realizing outstanding projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, efficient resource utilization, and environmentally friendly production of high-tech materials. The focus remains on protecting and preserving our environment.Collaboration with AGT and groundbreaking technologiesEvercraft is closely collaborating with the Agency of Green Technologies (AGT) to create new markets for pioneering technologies like LTC (Low Temperature Conversion) and ACA (Advanced Carbon Absorption).  Exploring the Materials of the FutureCarbon nanotubes (CNTs), graphene, and green hydrogen take the spotlight. With an estimated market of $250 billion by 2030, these materials hold immense potential for industries ranging from biomedicine to the semiconductor industry and renewable energies.Pioneering ACA Technology: Part of the Green RevolutionThanks to the revolutionary ACA technology, the environmentally friendly production of CNTs and graphene is now achievable, being CO2-neutral and priced significantly lower than current market rates while maintaining consistently high purity.  Tokenization for a Sustainable FutureEvercraft has partnered with Constellation to tokenize their LTC and ACA technologies on the Constellation blockchain. This collaboration not only creates significant synergies but also ensures secure and efficient management of CO2 data.Certification according to IPCC standards and MilestonesEvercraft will be certified according to IPCC standards, and all CO2 certificates will be mapped via Constellation's Metag...

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