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Title: Launching Of NewGold Token With Innovative Idea On Scarcity Strategy To Birth Projected 800% ROI

London, United Kingdom, 27th Dec 2023 - It is exciting to announce the launch of NewGold token. NewGold have an innovative idea to make it scarce and valuable. It is different from all other cryptocurrencies because they created only 10,000 tokens as the total supply and it will never be minted forever, while other cryptocurrency founders created their coins or tokens in large quantities; in millions, billions and trillions. NewGold Team are using simple economic strategy of limited supply and high demand, and the principle of rarity. These strategies will make NewGold tokens to be very scarce and valuable. Gold and Diamonds are expensive because they are limited in supply. The launching phases have prices and dates. The private sale had been launched and would end on 30th December 2023. The price for 1 NewGold is $8 USD in this private sale. The public sale launch at the  exchange is  from 1st to 23rd January 2024 and the price of 1 NewGold will be $48 USD. After that, the launching of NewGold  at the exchange will be on 25th January 2024, and the starting price has been projected to start at $1,000 USD. It will be nice to learn more and verify such token that are few in supply before it's launch date.Before and after the launch of NewGold token, they will embark on massive marketing to have large user base, this will create massive demand on these limited tokens. The high demand will put pressure on the limited tokens to become very scarce and will eventually become very valuable and expensive.Besides creating only 10,000 NewGold tokens as the total coins in existence, about 4,000 (40%) will be locked for 3 years. Only 6,000 (60%) NewGold tokens will be in circulation. This will further make it scarce, reduce the risk of failure, reduce dumping dra...

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