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Title: Oxygen Skincare Revolution: Unlocking the Natural Harmony of Skin

Singapore, 28th Dec 2023 - Human curiosity knows no bounds, and the exploration of beauty is like an adventurous journey filled with new discoveries. It inspires human to seek better skincare solutions, unveiling the life energy within plants and the ideal state of the skin. The beauty conveyed by Eastsuperstar goes beyond mere appearance; it's a beauty of natural harmony and balance.Human skin, the largest organ, is highly susceptible to external influences like UV radiation, air pollution, and stress. These factors can damage the skin, leading to issues such as wrinkles, dark spots, and fatigue. Maintaining the balance of the skin health is crucial, and Eastsuperstar creates oxygen eye patches with technology, using a modern SPA-grade formula that explores efficient oxygen therapy methods and luxurious extracts of Ganoderma lucidum, bringing a sense of natural harmony and balance to people.Oxygen is not a skincare ingredient; it's a method of action. Eastsuperstar's research reveals that oxygen is a vital medium for skin health, transported to skin cells through hemoglobin in the blood. Providing oxygen to skin cells helps maintain cell health; without oxygen, cells cannot renew. Unfortunately, after the age of 25, oxygen obtained through the blood decreases by 25%.Replenishing oxygen to deprived skin cells can significantly address various skin issues. Oxygen can penetrate up to 700 micrometers deep when used locally. The goal is to provide more than 20 times the daily average amount of oxygen to skin cells, creating a healthier cellular environment to counteract collagen loss, skin sagging, wrinkles, and aging. Additionally, with healthier cells, other ingredients in skincare products become more effective.The core efficacy of Eastsuperstar's oxygen patches is to en...

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