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Title: Artist “Killer Mike” Has Been Nominated For This Year’s GRAMMY

Los Angeles, CA, United States, 27th Dec 2023 - Killer Mike, known for his thought-provoking lyrics, social commentary, and his commitment to social justice causes, has captivated audiences worldwide with his musical prowess and activism.The Grammy nomination is a testament to Killer Mike's dedication to pushing boundaries, sparking conversations, and attempting to use his platform to bring about positive change. Throughout his career, he has been a vocal advocate for racial equality, economic empowerment, and political engagement.All the above is great, especially with hip-hop turning the ripe old age of 50. As for some people, we agree that an artist who receives a Grammy award is a well-deserving person or a collective of individuals, such as the group Outkast, who has won multiple Grammy awards, which gave Killer Mike a Grammy for being featured on a song.I have followed the careers of many artists, not just hip-hop artists but artists as a whole. I believe that artists, although human, should be held to a higher standard, meaning that anything that was done deplorably in the past shouldn’t be rewarded, regardless of whether you released a record that may have a few people snapping their fingers. It's no secret that his nomination is solely based on a feature from the amazing Andre 3000 from the group Outkast. If the Grammy is awarded, it is for Andre, with Killer Mike only accepting the award. I'm not sure if anyone remembers, but a few years ago, Killer Mike did the most deplorable, unsanitary thing to another human being that can be done.At the time, he and Big Boi of Outkast had a public beef. During this beef, Killer Mike “SPIT” in the face of Big Boi. I can remember this as if it was yesterday. I was wondering when it would resurface, and so it has. There was...

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