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Title: Tpifisia Pioneers a New Era of Financial Innovation and Development

Hong Kong S.A.R., 19th Dec 2023, King NewsWire - Tpifasia TPIF International Capital Management Co Ltd is a company dedicated to the field of financial investment. Since its inception, it has consistently adhered to the business philosophy of "creating value investments and providing value-added services." Committed to robust development and strict management, the company has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the financial investment market and has established a business structure centered on project investment, asset management, non-performing asset disposal, corporate mergers and acquisitions, and listing services.In terms of talent philosophy, Tpifisia maintains the purpose of mutual growth between employees and the company, focusing on combining capital advantages to fully leverage talent advantages, integrating resources, and achieving cooperative win-win situations.Tpifisia possesses industry-leading "full value chain" comprehensive service capabilities, with a sales network covering domestic and international investors such as funds, insurance, trusts, brokerages, financial companies, and industrial investment companies. It provides corporate clients with equity operation services such as IPOs, additional issuances, rights issues, private placements, and mergers and restructurings in overseas capital markets like the United States and Hong Kong, as well as the domestic A-share capital market.Tpifisia invests in the equity of enterprises in finance, energy, resources, elderly care entities, medical institutions, automotive services, modern agriculture, and commercial trade circulation through equity and funds. The target enterprises should comply with national macro policies and industrial policies, have stable cash flows, and good economic benefit...

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