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Title: Embrace Sustainable Power Anywhere:Sungold Portable Solar Panel HP-S 200W

China, 19th Dec 2023 - Sungold Solar creates brilliance again and leads the whole new wave of portable solar energy field!  In December 2023, Sungold officially released the much-anticipated new portable solar panel - HP-S 200W, which became the center of attention in the solar energy market in one fell swoop. This breakthrough has pushed the development of solar technology and injected brand new vitality into the field of renewable energy.  About HP-S 200W  HP-S 200W is designed to meet the needs of travelers, campers, RV owners, and anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of solar energy without the hassle of installation or maintenance.  Sunpower Solar Cells, 24.4% High Efficiency Sungold 200w portable solar panel is powered by A+ grade sunpower solar cells known for their superior high performance, and through advanced photovoltaic lamination technology, it achieves higher module quality and cell performance, realizing a high power generation efficiency of up to 24.4%, providing users with an even better charging experience. Paired with a portable power station, this 200W solar panel provides users with an efficient and convenient solar charging solution for a variety of outdoor activities and portable power needs.  Plug and Play, Easy to Set Up  The Sungold Foldable 200 watt solar panel comes with an MC4 connector and a 3 meter cable, allowing users to connect the charge controller to many types of batteries or portable power stations in the simplest way possible, making it ideal for mobile systems that require flexibility. It is ideal for mobile systems that require flexibility and can be used in off-grid environments such as RVs, camping, yachts and other off-grid environments for a wide range of applications.  Sup...

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