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Title: United Faiths, Shared Sanctuaries: Scientology Volunteer Supported Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and more through the pandemics

  Belgium, 17th Dec 2023, King NewsWire - This week a documentary called "Operation; Do Something About It" premiered on the Scientology Network highlighting the efforts of Scientology Volunteer Ministers, around the world during the COVID 19. The Scientology volunteers primarily focused on helping places of worship reopen after being closed in the early stages of the pandemic.As the pandemic progressed people turned to their churches, mosques or temples for comfort and support. However even as restrictions eased many were still hesitant to return due to fears of infection. Recognizing the need for care Scientology Volunteer Ministers worked together with religious leaders to implement safety measures in different places of worship.Across locations such as Mexico, Rome, the UK, Aruba and South Africa Volunteer Ministers mobilized with training in sanitization procedures and advanced equipment to assist houses of worship and their communities.In Mexico specifically where 90 percent of the population identifies as Christian Volunteer Ministers played a role in sanitizing churches belonging to various denominations like Methodist, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic and Evangelical. Thanks to their efforts prominent pilgrimage sites, like the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe were able to reopen. Furthermore, the Volunteer Ministers offered training sessions to the staff of the church. Provided them with all the required equipment thus ensuring the safety of the basilica’s operations.The secretary to the Archbishop of Mexico City thanked the Church of Scientology for working “for the good of the people,” making it possible for them to return to church in safety. “I think this work must be known,” he said. “We do great work when we work together for the good of the commu...

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