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Title: Mint Leaf Dental is providing the most specialized and affordable dental treatments in Gurgaon

India, 15th Dec 2023, King NewsWire - Dental treatment made affordable and accessible by Mint Leaf Dental for the residents of Gurganon and Delhi NCR. It has the best panel of doctors with 4 locations and world-class infrastructure. Mint leaf dental has emerged as the most trusted dental clinic chain in Gurgaon evident by the positive reviews and return rate. Gurgaon, India: Mint Leaf Dental is a MAMC/AIIMS/PGIMS alumni initiative. They are one of the leading dental wellness chains in Delhi NCR. Today everyone is aware that an orthopedician cannot do a cardiac surgery, but they still visit a single dentist for all their dental problems, most often leading to the wrong diagnosis and long painful or failed treatment. In last 10 years dentistry has evolved to super specialisation with more than 9 specialised fields like root canal treatment , smile designing treatment , dental restoration , dental implants and others. More than 85% population do not have access to specialized treatment as the dentist patient ratio in urban areas is 1: 10,000 and 1: 2 lakhs in semi urban areas. We are looking towards a golden era in dentistry as general awareness about dental health is growing with each passing day. Everyone seeks best care for themselves and their families. Very much aware of these developments, MINT LEAF DENTAL was started with a vision to provide very Specialised, most Ethical and Affordable dental solutions. Their USP isMAMC/AIIMS /PGIMS ALUMNI led Team of specialist dentists from premier institutes in IndiaFocus on Painless dental treatment and exceptional Patient Experience.Affordable dental treatment and Creative Finance Options.Always Available - Multiple locations,24*7 Emergency services and just a call away 365 days a year Technologically...

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