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Title: Liquid Crypto announces a new partnership with Redbelly Network, adding to its growing ecosystem.

 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 14th Dec 2023 - Liquid Crypto is thrilled to welcome Redbelly Network to its platform. Redbelly Network is recognised as a trusted layer 1 blockchain, built specifically to be the platform of choice for RWA issuers building Compliant Asset Tokenisation solutions in order for users to have access, liquidity, choice and efficiency through on-chain distribution and trade execution.Through this new partnership, Redbelly Network will utilise Liquid Crypto's DeFi solutions into its network, particularly its innovative features such as Swap+, which eliminates manual DEX searching and ensures the best rates available, and Bridge+, a cross-chain bridge that simplifies asset transfers with absolutely no cost to the user.“Liquid Crypto's groundbreaking AI technology is an invaluable asset to our blockchain infrastructure. With their DeFI solutions integration, this opens up significant features we were not able to provide to our community before,” said Vincent Gramoli, Founder and CTO of Redbelly Network ."The integration of Liquid Crypto’s DeFi solution to Redbelly Network will enable a more equitable and accessible financial landscape for all. We envision this partnership to enable our community better control over their assets so they can make independent financial decisions, have stronger financial autonomy and less reliance on traditional financial institutions.”Choua Lee, Co-Founder for Liquid Crypto, stated, "We are incredibly excited to welcome Redbelly Network into our ecosystem, marking a significant milestone in Liquid Crypto's growth journey”"Through this partnership, we are committed to working towards our shared vision of democratising access to financial services and driving mass adoption of Web3 technologies.”Liquid Cr...

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