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Title: Liquid Crypto welcomes new partner ONUS Chain to its ecosystem, further strengthening its position as Australia’s leading Crypto platform.

 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, 13th Dec 2023 - Liquid Crypto is thrilled to welcome ONUS Chain to its platform. Based in Vietnam, ONUS Chain is a blockchain platform with a thriving community of over 4.5 million users and growing. Liquid Crypto is a complete DeFi solution that allows users to complete all of their transactions effortlessly in one platform using just a few clicks. The platform integrates Liquidity Pools, Swaps, and Bridging into one location allowing users to successfully and easily complete all their transactional needs in the most secure environment due to the use of smart contracts (no intermediary with assets). The strategic alliance between Liquid Crypto and ONUS Chain marks a significant step towards realising their shared vision of accelerating mass adoption of Web3. Built on the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS), ON US Chain offers exceptional performance, scalability, and EVM compatibility, ensuring seamless integration with existing Ethereum applications. Its secure consensus mechanism and familiar interface make it an attractive choice for projects seeking a cost-effective and user-friendly platform."We are incredibly excited to welcome ONUS Chain into our ecosystem as we embark on this next phase of growth for Liquid Crypto. By joining forces, we aim to revolutionise the DeFi landscape by making Liquid Crypto more accessible to a broader audience. Through ONUS Chain, Liquid Crypto can harness their extensive user base to expand the reach of their ecosystem,” said Choua Lee, Founder of Liquid Crypto.  “Simultaneously, ONUS Chain gains access to Liquid Crypto's AI technology, including features like its AI-powered Swap+ tool which eliminates manual DEX searching, ensuring the user always gets the best market ra...

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