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Title: The Merit System to host January event giving away Freebies to Restaurant & Hotel staff

   United Kingdom, 12th Dec 2023, King NewsWire - The Merit System to host a January event giving away freebies to restaurant & hotel staffDealing with difficult customers can be challenging. Having someone berate you via email or tell you how bad your company is over the phone can definitely take its toll over time. Well, spare a thought for our friends working in the hospitality sector. These patient souls do not have the luxury of dealing with irate customers over the phone or by email. Oftentimes, these difficult customer interactions are happening face to face. Well, it looks like the team at The Merit System understands these challenges and are set to spread some positivity in the new year.In January, The Merit System are running an event for staff members who work within the hospitality sector - specifically Hotels and Restaurants. The event will focus on team building and will take place on the company’s website themeritsystem.com. From what we know, the company will be asking individuals from each Hotel and Restaurant to nominate their colleagues within certain categories. For instance, we know that one category will be ‘the most hard-working colleague’ and another will be ‘the most patient colleague’. The colleagues who receive the most votes within each category will then go on to receive a gift voucher from The Merit System. The event is completely free to take part in. In order to enrol in the event hotel and restaurant managers will need to email help@themeritsystem.com.Related press releases about The Merit System System:https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/the-merit-system-officially-launches-to-improve-the-process-of-employee-appreciationLearn more about The Merit System’s Review reward scheme:https://www.themeri...

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