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Title: Apollo Capital Management - a formidable competitor by expanding its investment portfolio into the cryptocurrency industry.

  United States, 11th Dec 2023, King NewsWire - Apollo Capital Management, is one of the long-standing asset management funds in the United States, with its predecessor being a traditional fund investing in stocks and forex markets. With the transfer of management authority to Mr. Peter Morgan, Apollo Caps has undergone significant changes internally and in its investment strategy. The company has publicly announced and taken strong actions indicating its entry into the cryptocurrency investment race, which has garnered considerable user concern.Apollo Caps took over two companies: ThetradeUS and Accelero  in 2017 and has had a deep understanding of the cryptocurrency market since its primitive stages. Therefore, the company is very confident in expanding its portfolio into crypto. Currently, the fund has surpassed $20 million in assets under management in the crypto portfolio. This milestone comes at a time when many consider it a turning point for the cryptocurrency industry, witnessing positive developments, strong market performance, and increasing interest from investors. Notably, we have seen a strong price recovery from both bitcoin and altcoins in recent days, marking the potential of this market, which cannot be ignored.Since investing in crypto, the team of experts and founders at Apollo Caps has assessed the potential impact of crypto on portfolio diversification and explored ways to approach a new and growing industry through experience in valuation and M&A strategies."We are proud that our investment experts continue to believe in Apollo Caps joining the Bitcoin and digital asset economy. We appreciate our partners and investors for trusting Apollo Caps' investment strategy," said Mr. Peter Morgan,  Global Asset and Risk Managem...

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