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Title: Kazakhstan’s Atyrau region produces over 43mln tons of oil since Jan 2023

Kazakhstan, 10th Dec 2023 - Atyrau region, located in Kazakhstan, has produced 43.9 million tons of oil and 22.7 billion cubic meters of gas since the year beginning. This is what governor of the region Serik Shapkenov said at a briefing.Last year, the region produced 37.6 million tons of oil and 22.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas. The share of Atyrau region in the country’s total industrial output is 24%. The share of region’s economy in the country’s overall domestic production comprised 14.1%. Per capita gross regional product reached 9.6 million tenge.The region’s industrial output made 9.1 trillion tenge, which is $14.1 more compared to the same period in 2022. 8.4 trillion tenge of this amount was generated by oil industry. Meanwhile, production volume in processing sector made 563.8 billion tenge, the governor said.He noted that the gross regional product increased by 315.2 billion tenge having reached 6.7 trillion tenge. 2.3 trillion tenge of this amount were channeled to the budget, and 2.5 trillion tenge were allocated for the National Fund, he added.

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