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Title: "Gluten-Free Burnout - Making it ALL Better": A Culinary Triumph by Debbie Bernhardt, R.N.

United States, 8th Dec 2023, King NewsWire - Brace yourselves for a culinary masterpiece transcending the boundaries of traditional cooking. Debbie Bernhardt, R.N., renowned for her 40-year service career in health care and a two-decade culinary journey into gluten-free living, is set to launch her transformative book, "Gluten-Free Burnout - Making it ALL Better." This is not just a cookbook; it is an immersive experience into the art of resilience, health-conscious living, and the sheer delight of gluten-free food. It punctuates ways to adapt and create a reliable method for staying engaged without burnout.About the Author:Debbie is more than just an author; she's a culinary visionary with a passion for transforming the way we view gluten-free living. With a robust background in healthcare spanning four decades, Debbie seamlessly combines her nursing expertise with a dedication to mastering the art of gluten-free cooking. Her journey is marked not only by experimentation but also by a voracious appetite for learning as evident in her collection of over 30 gluten-free cookbooks and her determination to "reverse-engineer" countless recipes.Experiences That Shaped the Book:"Gluten-Free Burnout - Making it ALL Better" is not a compilation of recipes; it is a narrative woven with the threads of Debbie's personal experiences and triumphs. It is a guide to living, cooking and advancing within the world of gluten free living. Having faced the challenges of gluten-free burnout multiple times, Debbie's journey became the impetus for this book. It is a testament to her resilience, creativity, and unwavering commitment to a healthier lifestyle.In the chapters, Debbie candidly shares the highs and lows of her gluten-free journey, offering readers a glimpse into the challenges she n...

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