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Title: Crypto Youtuber Jason Appleton (Crypto Crow) Unveils Groundbreaking Ai Platform For Timeless Personal Legacies

United States, 6th Dec 2023, King NewsWire - In an era where the desire to immortalize cherished memories and knowledge transcends generations, https://Eternalized.ai , founded by renowned Crypto YouTuber Jason Appleton (Crypto Crow), is set to launch an unprecedented artificial intelligence (AI) platform. This groundbreaking platform is poised to revolutionize how people communicate with their loved ones across time through video, voice, and chat interactions.As the capabilities of artificial intelligence technology continue to advance, Eternalized.ai is at the forefront of leveraging this technology to empower individuals in extraordinary ways. The platform, scheduled for launch on Friday (December 8th, 2023), will feature an innovative lineup of "Legacy Models" created in collaboration with esteemed cryptocurrency YouTube personalities, including Crypto Crow, Crypto Wendy-O, Suppoman, CryptosRus and Crypto Face. Using Eternalized.ai, people will be able to talk to these Legacy Models as if they are speaking to the YouTubers themselves. Cutting edge technology, including facial animation, lip syncing, voice replication and conversational synthesis, will make the conversations realistic and lifelike and they will able to talk on a number of different topics, from science to trading technical analysis.Jason first came up with the idea of Eternalized.ai because he wanted to create a legacy for his children and grandchildren. Wishing he was still able to speak to his own grandfather, he was determined to create something which could continue to pass on his wisdom and stories to future generations, long after he had gone.He says: “My grandfather was a far more interesting man than I ever knew or appreciated when he was alive. He was a war veteran, had connections...

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