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Title: Enet Crypto Center Limited, a digital currency platform, to sign an agreement with a top 100 international internet company, aiming to accelerate the globalization process of the digital economy.

United States, 1st Dec 2023 - On November 17th, it was reported that as the global trade enters the digital age, safer and more convenient digital currency payment solutions will become a favorable condition for internet companies to quickly reach global consumers and expand the global market. In light of this, a top 100 international internet company will sign an agreement with Enet Crypto Center Limited (Enet) to accelerate the globalization process of the digital economy and provide more secure, compliant, and efficient digital payment services. The discussions are currently underway between both parties.Besides providing convenience and services for individual traders, Enet has been actively collaborating with exchanges and partners over the past few years, promoting the development of the digital asset market. The platform offers high liquidity and professional trading services to institutional investors, meeting their investment needs in digital assets. The following features of Enet have met the signing intention of the top 100 international internet companies:Security: Enet adopts world-class security measures to protect users' assets. Multi-level identity authentication and cold-hot wallet storage ensure the security of digital currencies.Stability: Although the digital currency market often fluctuates drastically, Enet's high-performance technological architecture ensures the stability of transactions, regardless of market changes.Low Cost: Enet's platform offers a transparent and competitive fee structure, helping users minimize trading costs.Liquidity: Enet collaborates with top-tier liquidity providers to ensure market depth and liquidity. Meanwhile, Enet also cooperates with compliance institutions to promote the compliant development of the industry,...

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