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Title: Dormant Ethereum Genesis Wallet Awakens

  Turkey, 29th Nov 2023, King NewsWire - Ethereum ICO: The Ethereum ICO was a wildly successful initial coin offering that took place in 2014. The ICO raised over $18 million for the initial release and development of Ethereum by its development team consisting of Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, and Joseph Lubin. Participants at the time contributed Bitcoin in exchange for Ethereum at a predetermined exchange rate. Ethereum eventually launched in July of 2015, roughly a full year from the ICO in July of 2014 at a price of $0.31/ETH. After years of inactivity, many ICO wallets awaken from the dead and begin to trade, invest or move their huge ETH holdings around at random times. These are always important to note as these early investors have seen exponential growth in their investments.The ICO walletEthereum ICO participants received their allotted tokens via a Genesis transaction in July of 2015, at Ethereum’s launch. These are easily recognizable as they do not have a typical transaction ID and occurred at Block 0, the Genesis Block, for Ethereum. Recently, a dormant Ethereum ICO wallet (Address 0x6eb3819617404058268f0c3cff3596bfe9148c1c | Etherscan) has sprung back to life and seems to be moving around some of its original 1,670 Ethereum from the Ethereum ICO in 2015. Let’s call this wallet ‘ICO wallet’.The ICO wallet first received 1,670 ETH on July 30th of 2015 on the Genesis Block, likely indicating it to be an ICO participant. Three months later in October of 2015 the ICO wallet sent 1,669.5 ETH to the exchange Kraken. This wallet then laid dormant for the next eight years until November 27th, 2023 when they funded a new wallet (Address 0xe5171cea84e8787e8abc09df401933213a62563e | Etherscan). Let’s call this wallet ‘Wallet 2’.Wallet 2Wallet 2 was a br...

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