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Title: BlockSpot Redefining Growth and Sustainability in the Decentralized Ecosystem with Launch of Layer 2 Solution and Onchain Cooperative Model

San Francisco, California, United States, 28th Nov 2023 - BlockSpot, a player in the blockchain space, has launched its Layer 2 (L2) solution to facilitate a cooperative on-chain environment. BlockSpot's innovative platform is designed to foster a collaborative on-chain environment, where users and developers not only participate but thrive collectively as the network evolves.With the recent progress, BlockSpot has empowered developers and users to cultivate superior applications within a rewarding ecosystem. BlockSpot has introduced a system where active participation translates into referral and contract-secured revenue, embodying the essence of the "grow together" ethos.The Onchain Cooperative, an innovative approach by BlockSpot, integrates the platform's native contract revenue-sharing directly into the protocol, incentivizing scale and promoting a collaborative spirit. Developers enhancing the network and users engaging with it are jointly rewarded, sharing in the success through a direct proportion of the network sequencer profits. This not only encourages growth but aligns everyone's interests with the overall health of the network.BlockSpot has embraced the Optimism Bedrock upgrade, adopting its robust architecture to slash transaction costs by over 95% compared to Ethereum. This reduction in fees not only translates into substantial savings for users but also underscores BlockSpot's commitment to accessible and sustainable blockchain solutions.BlockSpot serves as a bridge for developers entering the Ethereum space. BlockSpot extends Ethereum's capabilities without compromising on its original vision. Developers accustomed to Ethereum's environment will find a seamless transition to BlockSpot, enabling them to scale their applications with ease and efficiency.B...

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