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Title: Hanron Lighting Uncovers High-Quality LED Neon Flex Strip Light For Customers Globally

Shenzhen, China, 15th Nov 2023 - Leading producer of innovative lighting solutions in China, Hanron Lighting, is thrilled to announce its commitment to providing top-quality led neon flex strip lights to customers worldwide.Well-focused on advancement in technology, the led neon light manufacturer is a pioneer in the sector with its certified China led neon light, cost-effective lighting solutions, customized solutions, long life, high performance, low maintenance, ODM, and OEM service. Such features empower distributors, wholesalers, traders, agents, and dealers to enjoy efficient and dependable lighting solutions.Hanron Lighting, an ISO9001:2015 certified company, develops, produces, and sells a range of lighting solutions like led neon flex strip lights. A breakthrough in the flex lighting design, their led neon flex strip lights are uniquely constructed to replace traditional glass neon with better performance, lower cost, and easier to take care of lighting solutions. With a desire for innovation, Hanron Lighting aims to surpass the expectations of its retail and industrial customers with good flexibility, stylish appearance, and intricate design.With its head office in Shenzhen, Hanron Lighting runs an exclusive factory unit in South China. The manufacturer exports five hundred kinds of addressable strip led lights, including the best led strip lights and customized products across the world. With more than one decade of expertise, Hanron Lighting is dedicated to delivering complete service and all-out performance.Hanron Lighting’s China led strip neon has a wide range of decorative applications, such as movie theater lighting, gas station lighting, retail store lighting, landscape lighting, and more. Their highly luminous and efficient neon led strip lights...

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