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Title: BlockSec Launches Phalcon Block: The World's First Crypto Hack Blocking System for Web3 Security

Singapore, Singapore, 16th Nov 2023 - Phalcon Block, the world's first automated attack-blocking system, has been launched by BlockSec, ushering in a new era of fighting against hackers in the Web3 world.Phalcon Block: Revolutionizing Web3 Security and Protecting Digital AssetsEnsuring (DeFi) protocol security involves several critical stages, beginning with contract auditing and testing before the protocol goes live. However, the importance of security measures does not stop once the protocol is deployed. Continuous monitoring, attack blocking, and incident response are essential for maintaining protocol security after deployment.Phalcon Block offers an integrated solution that combines protocol monitoring, attack blocking, and incident response, ensuring secure operations of protocols after they go live. For two years, BlockSec has continuously refined the product in its battles against hackers, successfully blocking hacks tens of times and rescuing $14 million worth of digital assets. Finally, BlockSec built an automated attack-blocking system with unparalleled precision and complete coverage, making it the first in the industry to actualize such a breakthrough."This is a milestone in the Web3 security industry. Phalcon Block can help protocol parties block nearly all external attacks. We have spent two years on the definition, development, and refinement of Phalcon Block. The system is set to revolutionize Web3 security," commented Yajin Zhou, the co-founder and CEO of BlockSec.According to statistics, losses caused by hacker attacks have reached $7.3 billion, with $1.4 billion incurred in 2023 (so far) alone. Among the protocols that have fallen victim to attacks, there are renowned and trusted projects such as Curve and emerging ones like Friend.tech. Nevertheless...

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