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Title: The Foundation for a Drug-Free World Achieves United Nations Consultative Status

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 10th Jul 2024 - The year 2024 marked a memorable moment for the International Day Against Drugs as it celebrated a noteworthy achievement on June 25th. A day before the UN’s Day Against Drug Abuse, the Foundation for a Drug Free World was officially recognized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs in granting the foundation with the NGO Special Consultative Status to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) marking a new chapter in the battle against drug abuse.“The importance of this milestone cannot be emphasized enough” said Ivan Arjona, President of the Foundation MEJORA and Scientology representative to the EU and United Nations. “With years of experience and expertise in drug prevention the Foundation for a Drug Free World is now ready to share its wealth of knowledge on drug education and prevention” he continued. This newfound status allows the foundation to actively engage in events and conferences at UN offices in Geneva, Vienna and New York, while empowering them to host conferences at UN premises focused on sharing their expertise gained through drug education and prevention efforts across various nations for decades.Olivia McDuff, from the Church of Scientology International Public Affairs Office extended congratulations to the Foundation for a Drug Free World International recognizing the role played by volunteers, partners and supporters worldwide. McDuff highlighted the achievements while also acknowledging ongoing challenges, in addressing the global drug epidemic. She encouraged people who want to make a difference in this cause to check out the resources on the Foundation for a Drug Free World website or reach out for help at their local Church of Scientology, where people can find these materials for free...

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