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Title: State Trading is Pioneering AI Technology Targeting a 95% Prediction Accuracy

In a significant leap forward for the stock trading industry, 'State Trading,’ spearheaded by the esteemed CEO Younghwan Kim, is rapidly gaining recognition for its groundbreaking AI-driven stock prediction service. Currently achieving an 89% accuracy rate in predicting stock price movements, 'State Trading' is ambitiously working towards refining its algorithms to reach a 95% success rate.Leveraging AI technology, 'State Trading' meticulously analyzes over 2,500 stocks across the KOSPI and KOSDAQ markets daily. It identifies between 400 and 500 stocks projected to increase by at least 2% in price, ranking them by the likelihood of success for prioritized trading. This strategic approach has not only proven effective but is also expected to enhance as the system evolves.The advantages of 'State Trading' extend beyond mere financial gains. CEO Kim Young-hwan emphasized, "Our AI trading service frees investors from the constant worry about the best times to buy or sell. It guarantees a consistent return rate, thereby maximizing the power of compound interest." This innovative approach has already demonstrated its value, turning a 30 million won investment into 90 million won within a month, reflecting its high potential.Future ambitions for 'State Trading' include not only perfecting its existing algorithms but also venturing into the burgeoning field of virtual assets. The team is developing an AI program that will utilize extensive exchange data to forecast price trends of key cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, mirroring the success seen in equity markets.In contrast to the AI stock recommendations provided by traditional securities firms, which require investors to execute trades themselves, 'State Trading' automates the entire process. This eliminates common...

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