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Title: Himalaya Technologies Provides EVEREST Token Update

Commerce City, Colorado, United States, 11th Jun 2024 - Himalaya Technologies (OTC: HMLA), a premier technology development company, today announced key updates for the EVEREST token and www.EverestLPP.com.The EVEREST token has partnered with NSAVx.com, Inc. to integrate the NSAVpay Payment Plugin into www.EverestLPP.com. The NSAVpay Payment Plugin will enable LP funding partners to fund their commitments using over 400 tokens across the Ethereum, Binance, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Tron networks. NSAVpay provides crypto payment solutions without human interaction by streamlining the purchase process through its suite of Web3 payment products.Additionally, the company has updated the listing schedule for the EVEREST token as the first LP Partnership launch for www.EverestLPP.com. Initially set for June 6, 2024, the launch has been amended to better position liquidity with NSAVx.com, Dex-Trade, and Uniswap. Token onboarding will be tested on NSAVx.com starting June 12, 2024, at 12:00 PM Eastern. Upon successful testing, the new listing schedule will be announced by Wednesday, June 12, via all HMLA social media platforms and the official HMLA and EVEREST token groups on www.TheAlley.io.EVEREST TokenomicsName: The EVEREST TokenSymbol: EVERESTMax Supply: 250,000,000Decimals: 9Network: EtherscanContract Address: 0xD8Ac7ac1b906f7DdC431129b279Dc68edBF300aAHolders: Pre-LaunchType: EverestLPP.com UtilityA spokesperson for HMLA commented, "With the integration of NSAVpay into the www.EverestLPP.com platform, we can simplify the LP Partnership process while increasing spendability within the HMLA ecosystem. We are also proud to announce our alliance with TheAlley.io, which will serve as the official social media platform for HMLA and EVEREST corporate announcements, special a...

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