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Title: CoinJoin Technology Transforming Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash Transactions

Texas, United States, 11th Jun 2024 - Introduction: In recent years, transaction privacy in blockchain networks has become a key topic of discussion among cryptocurrency users. One method to enhance the anonymity of transactions is the CoinJoin technology, initially developed for Bitcoin. However, recently, this technology has also become applicable to Bitcoin Cash. In this article, we will explore what CoinJoin is, how it works, and how its usage extends to both cryptocurrencies.What is CoinJoin?CoinJoin is a method proposed by Gregory Maxwell in 2013 that allows multiple transactions to be combined into one to make tracking individual transactions more difficult. The main idea is to mix the funds of different users, creating one large transaction with multiple inputs and outputs. This way, it becomes harder to determine which output belongs to which input.How Does CoinJoin Work?The CoinJoin process includes several steps:1. Gathering participants: A group of users agrees to perform a CoinJoin transaction.2. Creating the transaction: All participants create a joint transaction, specifying all inputs and outputs.3. Signing the transaction: Each participant signs their part of the transaction, confirming their agreement with its terms.4. Broadcasting the transaction: Once all participants have signed the transaction, it is broadcast to the blockchain.This process provides a high level of anonymity as it becomes difficult to determine which input corresponds to which output.CoinJoin in BitcoinBitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to implement CoinJoin technology. Since its introduction, numerous services and applications have been developed to allow users to easily utilize this technology. Among them are CoinJoin Bitcoin Mixer, Wasabi Wallet and Samourai Wallet, which offe...

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