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Title: Visa Information For Saudi Visa Application For Croatian, Cypriot, Czech & Danish Citizens

SAUDI ARABIA LAWS FOR TOURISTSAlcoholBringing alcohol or any replacement into the country is considered a felony in a country governed by Sharia law.DrugsThe use of drugs is strictly prohibited in Saudi Arabia. PhotographyTaking pictures of people without their consent is considered wrong in Saudi Arabia. Criticizing the LawSaudis highly respect their king, royal family, government, and the laws established by the government. If you challenge their methods, you may be deported or imprisoned in Saudi Arabia.No Public Display of AffectionThe Sharia law asks you to keep your affection level to the least minimum in public. Ethics of RamadanAll Muslims revere the month of Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims fast to uphold their religious principles. Each day, the fast begins at sunrise and ends at dusk.Clothes RestrictionsIn Saudi Arabia, it's important to follow the customs of the Arabians. In Saudi Arabia, it is advisable to wear less revealing attire. This rule is applicable to both men and women. Displaying little skin, particularly for women, should be limited. IDKeep your ID card and passport with you at all times during your visit to the country of Saudi Arabia.SAUDI VISA FOR CROATIAN CITIZENSThe people of Croatia can now apply for an eVisa to enter Saudi Arabia, making the visa process fast and simple. The eVisa allows people from around 50 countries to visit Saudi Arabia for tourism purposes. In 2019, the Saudi government introduced the tourist eVisa to make the visa application process easier and welcome international tourists warmly. Those with a Saudi Arabia online visa can utilize it for numerous trips to the country. Each stay allows for a 90-day period of residency, adding up to 180 days during the visa's effective period. The onl...

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