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Title: NSAV Announces TheAlley.io Update and Highlights from June 6th AMA

London, United Kingdom, 7th Jun 2024 - Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC: NSAV), a leading Web3, blockchain and digital asset technology company, announced today updates on the launch of our theAlley.io website https://www.thealley.io/ and key highlights from their June 6th AMA. TheAlley.io Update:As previously announced, TheAlley.io is designed to empower the crypto community by providing resources to make informed decisions about specific projects. NSAV has compiled a database of over 15,000 crypto projects across multiple networks, offering detailed information on their development teams, liquidity, exchanges, and usability. Additionally, the platform includes a database of over 28,000 companies globally that accept crypto as a payment method, representing more than 6 million physical locations. Users can connect directly with merchants via TheAlley.io search portal to shop and pay for goods and services.As of June 6th, the crypto merchant database is live and accessible to the public. On June 8th, the Token Forum and Groups will be live, and on June 10th, the Resource Center will be added to the site.NSAVx.com https://nsavx.com/ has recently added an "Announcement" feature on the exchange, allowing the company to send direct messages to KYC account holders, SMS messages to 2FA participants, and emails to non-KYC accounts. Starting June 10th, the company will use this "Announcement" feature to market TheAlley.io, aiming to sign up a minimum of 1,000,000 crypto enthusiasts within the first 30 days.To join the whitelist or establish a free account, please visit www.thealley.io and sign up today.June 6th AMA Highlights:Speakers: New NSAV CEO Kevin Simon and HMLA CEO Ryan Nguyen.Kevin Simon's Updates:•           Web3 Indus...

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