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Title: Marteu Helps Builders Buy Construction Materials at Factory Prices

Delaware, United States, 6th Jun 2024, King NewsWire – Marteu has launched an online marketplace to help builders find the construction materials they need for their projects at factory prices. By saving these builders thousands of dollars off the typical retail prices in the States, Marteu offers a supportive system for both builders and sellers of these products. In addition to offering escrow payments and quality control to reduce risk, Marteu is developing solutions to help builders enjoy the same low prices even with small orders.The construction industry in the United States is a challenging environment for builders, who often have to pay hefty prices for the materials they need. To put this into context, sourcing a 24x24” Porcelain Tile from the traditional supply chain costs anywhere from $2.00 to $10 per square foot, if not more. This cost is exclusive of shipping. In contrast, Marteu sells the same 24x24” Porcelain Tile at less than $1.00 per square foot, and this includes the shipping. The Gattinoni family has demonstrated a continued passion for the ceramics industry for decades. In fact, the idea for Marteu was born back when Aaron Gattinoni used to visit factories around the globe with his father. “I was always shocked when I went with my father to the factories and saw how low the factory prices were compared to the much higher retail prices in the States,” says Aaron. “In the traditional middleman-based system, agents, importers, distributors, and retailers each take a hefty profit margin when bringing these products to market. I set out to build a holistic alternative to the traditional middleman-based system, and Marteu was born.”Aaron leveraged 4 years’ worth of experience working with SaaS startups to build a platform that brought...

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