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Title: GZTECH Solid UV Laser Source: Boosting Precision Manufacturing in PCB Industry

Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China, 4th Jun 2024 - PCBs are the foundational substrates on which electronic product components are mounted, providing support and electrical connections for electronic components. As an essential key interconnect in electronic products, the market potential for the PCB industry is immense. According to the latest data from Prismark, the PCB industry experienced a noticeable rebound in the first quarter of 2024, driven by the recovery in demand from end markets such as consumer electronics and household appliances, as well as the continued strong demand for AI servers and automotive electronics. It is anticipated that the PCB industry will enter a new growth cycle in 2024.1.GZTECH Solid Nanosecond UV Laser Source Meets PCB Precision Processing NeedsAs PCB technology evolves towards multi-layered, high-density, and miniaturized directions, the requirements for manufacturing processes have become increasingly stringent. The precision of PCB processing not only directly affects the reliability of electronic products but also impacts the integrity of signal transmission between various chips. Laser technology, as a representative tool for precision processing, plays a crucial role in PCB processing. Currently, 3W, 5W, 10W, and 15W Solid UV Laser Sources dominate the market. While UV Laser Sources of 20W and above offer improvements in processing efficiency, domestic production of high-power UV Laser Sources at scale is not yet feasible. Most of the market is monopolized by foreign enterprises, with imported high-power UV Laser Sources being expensive and slow in after-sales service, making it difficult for companies to expand reproduction.GZTECH, with its profound insights into the PCB processing market, has heavily invested in the researc...

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