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Title: Data Scientist launches 3D Printed AI Smart Homes in Miami

DOVER, DE, United States, 8th Jun 2024 - The Rise of AI Smart Homes: Smart homes has grown popular all over the world. Global Revenue in the Smart Home Market is forecast to continuously increase between 2023 & 2028. The Value of Smart Homes is forecasted to Surpass $400 Million by end of 2024. Smart Home Revenues in the USA is projected to reach almost $44 billion by 2025.According to Statista, over 57% of US Households have a Smart Home Device in there Home.Anade Davis is the Founder and the Construction Engineer behind the AI Smart Homes Concept.  Anade is also in the Masters of Civil Engineering Program at the University of Central Florida, with more than 15 years Experience Investing in Real Estate.Anade started his career in AI working with Robots & Data Science with IBM back in 2018. He is now the Creator of AI Smart Homes leading the charge with his team of licensed architects  and engineers.Founder of AI Smart Homes had this to say:"I got into Real Estate at 22 years old.  I paid the taxes, renovated, and took over a Family House. This was my entrance into the Property Management and Real Estate Game!My love for construction and technology helped me create Houses that are ahead of its time.This isn’t just business; it’s personal for me. It took me many years of trying different ideas while working in Technology and Data Science to find my true passion of Construction Engineering.  The more I learned about Construction Engineering the more I knew I could apply my knowledge in Machine Learning & AI to the Real Estate Industry."AI Smart Homes uses 3d Printing and Modular Construction technology to create houses that can be built fast and include features such as: Smart Surfaces, AI Appliances, Robot Assistants, Smart Tech,...

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