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Title: Climbing Virtually, Cleaning Real-world Mess: Gaming for Everest's Preservation

Paris, France, 3rd Jun 2024 - Everest is a dream unfulfilled for many. The tallest mountain in the Himalayas attracts much attention, evoking a range of emotions from summit triumph to deep sadness. Everest holds a place of high esteem within the mountaineering community, and its local Sherpa community is crucial to any climbing expedition.Even though tourism has boosted the local economy but it also led to overcrowding and significant pollution issues. Nepal, one of the world's least developed nations, faces rampant corruption that hampers effective policy and administration. Many blame the government and locals, with articles often branding Everest as “the highest dumping yard on Earth.”One mountaineer, passionate about Everest, recognized waste management as a critical problem and took action. This individual gathered and educated locals on waste segregation and management. As a blockchain enthusiast and Everest lover, He developed an innovative solution: a virtual mountain climbing game focused on Everest. The revenue generated from this game is allocated to cleaning programs on Everest, merging technology and environmental stewardship to address the mountain's pressing issues.Online blockchain gaming was projected to grow by 21.8% from 2023 to 2030, blockchain gaming seems to enjoy a healthy growth. In a recent interview, Cryptews CEO shared insights about Everace, highlighting its innovative features and potential impact. "Before climbing Everest, preparation is essential. In the Everace game, the Climbing Temple training center is freely accessible. Players can improve their speed, strength, agility, balance, power, and mental resilience through various training modules. The innovative Dynamic-NFT technology ensures that your climber’s stats and market value incr...

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