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Title: Pinnacle Infotech Expands Its Global Presence with New Office in San Jose, California

United States, 31st May 2024, King NewsWire - Pinnacle Infotech, the global leader in the Building Information Modeling (BIM) industry, has opened its new office in San Jose, California. This strategic expansion marks the company's 13th global office and its fourth in North America, in addition to its offices in Houston, Atlanta, and Toronto.California's construction boom is expected to continue. A Statista report predicts revenue reaching $340.3 billion by 2024, and over 69% of Californians in the AGC of California 2024 Survey expected the industry to stay strong or grow. This rising demand will likely drive further investment in construction technologies for increased efficiency.The new San Jose office of Pinnacle Infotech will cater to the burgeoning needs of the construction industry in North America's largest construction market, California. "Our expansion into San Jose is part of our ongoing effort to be closer to our clients and the markets we serve. With California being a hub of the construction industry and cutting-edge technology, we decided to have our footprints in the region to drive innovation and help our clients grow in this dynamic sector," said Bimal Patwari, CEO of Pinnacle Infotech.Since the U.S. government has directed construction companies to be zero-carbon-ready by 2030, companies can better position themselves by adopting sustainable construction practices. This new office of Pinnacle Infotech will empower clients to adapt to changing customer needs and regulatory requirements while optimizing construction costs.Mr. Somesh Gupta, Vice President of U.S. operations and Chief Growth Officer of Pinnacle Infotech, said, "California's construction market continues to be the prominent one. Pinnacle Infotech leverages the lates...

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