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Title: Naxion Unveils Groundbreaking WEB3.0 Game at PlayX4 Kintex, KOREA

Seoul, South Korea, 27th May 2024 - Naxion Network, recognized for its stable and secure blockchain solutions, is introducing ‘Project B’ a game which players defend humanity from mysterious monsters to rescue stranded survivors in a space planet. ‘Project B’ stands out by allowing players to convert in-game items and gold into NFTs or cryptocurrency, thus enabling tangible rewards from virtual achievements.Players can earn coins by defeating monsters, which can then be used to purchase in-game items or traded on external exchanges. This integration of blockchain technology not only enhances the gaming experience but also offers real-world value, reflecting Naxion Network’s commitment to innovation and user empowerment."We are thrilled to unveil ‘Project B’ at PlayX4," said Daniel So, co-founder of Naxion Network. “This game represents a significant step forward in our mission to merge blockchain technology with immersive gaming experiences. By allowing players to earn and trade NFTs and cryptocurrency, we are creating a new paradigm for gamer engagement and reward.”Naxion Network, developed by Nverse Inc., has been at the forefront of blockchain technology since its inception. The network utilizes decentralized proof-of-work (PoW) consensus, ensuring high security and low energy consumption. With fast block formation rates and minimal gas fees, Naxion Network is both efficient and cost-effective.About Naxion NetworkNaxion Network, a product of Nverse Inc., is a Public layer 1 blockchain network designed to support WEB3.0 projects. Since its genesis block in March 2021, Naxion has maintained an error-free operation, specializing in secure and decentralized blockchain solutions. The network’s innovative block formation algorithm and secure node technology ensure robust p...

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