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Title: BPS-5 Welcomes Cory Maki as New Marketing Manager

United States, 24th May 2024 – BPS-5, YouTube's leading channel dedicated to healthy living and supporting healthy blood pressure through natural methods, is excited to introduce Cory Maki as its new Marketing Manager. Cory brings extensive experience and a fresh vision to the team, promising new and actionable content in the health space that is BPS-5’s forte.About BPS-5Known popularly as BPS-5—Blood Pressure Support—this research-based YouTube channel focuses on the five best ingredients to maintain healthy blood pressure: hawthorn berry, nattokinase, grape seed extract, magnesium, and GABA. BPS-5 empowers people with knowledge about useful ingredients and remedies, presenting information in engaging and user-friendly formats.Professional Background of Cory MakiWith over a decade of experience in digital marketing, Cory Maki has a proven track record with top health and wellness companies. His digital marketing campaigns have consistently enhanced brand visibility and audience engagement. Cory’s innovative approaches and dedication to health and wellness make him an ideal fit for BPS-5.Vision of Cory Maki for BPS-5Cory aims to expand BPS-5’s reach and impact by introducing new content series on various remedies, enhancing social media engagement, and partnering with health experts for guest content. His vision is to bring BPS-5 into the homes of everyone seeking ways to stay healthy.Cory Maki added, "I'm so excited to be a part of the BPS-5 team, and I can't wait to help it further its mission of spreading the word about natural and effective ways to support healthy blood pressure. This is such an incredible opportunity to grow our community and help more people live healthier lives."On the BPS-5 YouTube ChannelEducational Videos: In-depth descriptions of the health b...

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