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Title: Scripted Brilliance: The 15th New Media Film Festival Spotlights Top Contenders for Script Category

 With a history of creating opportunities for creators to thrive, New Media Film Festival┬«  has become a hub for those who dare to present something different. The festival's recognition by industry giants like Marvel, Simon & Schuster, Springer Publication, PBS, BBC, HBO, which has been known to request meetings with writers from the festival, underscores its significance in the film industry. Honoring Stories Worth Telling Since 2009. Script category is defined as all stories in text format. The nominees below are categorized by type of script and are from USA unless otherwise notated. Full details for all nominees is at www.newmediafilmfestival.com/eventsThe festival offers a highly competitive and prestigious awards package that could be a significant career milestone for any screenwriter. The Grand Prize , Best Script winner and Top 3 Scripts valued at $45,000 in awards a substantial $45,000, but the opportunity to have meetings with industry giants like HBO and Marvel, as well as Filmustage, Script Reader Pro & Scriptwriters Network Packages indicates a comprehensive support for the winner's next project. Additionally, the visibility provided by being listed on-screen during programming, participating in Q&A sessions, walking the red carpet, and being featured in international press releases and social media with a 20 million reach, ensures that even nominees gain significant exposure. This festival not only rewards talent with Industry perks but also opens doors to networking opportunities and industry recognition that could be transformative for a screenwriter's career.FEATURE SCRIPTMessenger Dogs by Clark RansomFireflies by Amanda KeenerVanishing Cowboy by Randi JohnsAtoms of the Weather by Camellia WhiteBaby Boy by Patrick Ford&...

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