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Title: New Media Film Festival screens innovative podcasts that push the boundaries of story & creativity.

Podcasts have become a significant part of modern media, offering a diverse range of content suitable for all kinds of listeners. The New Media Film Festival®  is a hub of creativity and innovation, and this year's lineup includes some truly unique podcasts that are sure to captivate audiences. "Agents of Change" is set to explore the impact of science and research on societal issues, while "Second Act Actors" celebrates individuals who have made a dramatic career shift into acting. Additionally, the festival will feature the world premiere of "London After Midnight," a podcast that revives a lost silent horror classic through a full-cast audio drama. These podcasts not only entertain but also inspire listeners to think about change, transformation, and the enduring power of storytelling.Among the highlights is "Ain’t Slayed Nobody," a U.S. premiere, is a thrilling podcast directed by Corbin Cupp that takes listeners on a supernatural journey through the haunted deserts of Texas, where the myths of the Cthulhu loom large and every step could be a brush with the unknown. Then there's "Second Chance Actors," a U.S. premiere, directed by Dr. Janet McMordie, which celebrates the resilience and determination of individuals who have made a dramatic career shift into the world of acting, proving it's never too late to follow one's dreams. “Top six festivals for content creators” — Backstage Magazine"The Sound of Things," a U.S. premiere, directed by Aiste Ptakauske, offers a profound exploration of life's rich tapestry through conversations with Douglas Quin, whose experiences as a composer and sound designer provide a wellspring of inspiration for anyone passionate about the arts. "Agents For Change," a world premiere, directed by Phillip Crawford, ta...

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