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Title: Scientology, growingly recognized as a religion worldwide, becomes 60 in Denmark

Brussels, Brussels, Belgium, 21st May 2024 - It was on 1st April 1964 that the very first Church of Scientology got registered in Denmark. The day was celebrated with an Open House anniversary in the premises of the Church of Scientology Denmark, located right in the oldest square in Copenhagen. Among the speakers celebrating the day were a renowned religious scholar, a Human Rights advocate and the daughter-in-law of the man, who first brought Scientology to Denmark in 1964. The 60 years anniversary was celebrated with an Open House attended by dignitaries, friends, neighbors, professionals, members of the Church and people passing by, who experienced both enlightening speeches and uplifting live entertainment. The first speaker, scholar of religion, Adjunct Professor Tim Jensen, expressed his gratitude for having had the opportunity over the years to follow the Church of Scientology. He said: “As a religious scholar it is interesting to be able to follow the development and establishment of a new religion like Scientology. In my scientific work with comparative religious history I have looked at both Scientology and other minority religions vis-à-vis the religion of the Danish majority and the dominant perceptions of what is 'right' or 'wrong' when it comes to religion. It is my hope that this work is paving the way for people to reflect more on whether their culturally determined views of religion are the only correct and possible ones. That perhaps religion can exist in other ways and perhaps people such as Scientologists could be perfectly fine even if their religion may seemed 'foreign' and 'different'. I want to thank you for the extreme openness and kindness I have been met with in the Church.”The next speaker was long-term human rights...

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